Original art by Susan Rotondo. Flutterby in the Sky art copyright Susan Rotondo. Email: susan@flutterbyinthesky.com

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So this is pretty crazy! This girl’s going to SCOPE Miami!!! #ArtisanSeries @flutterbyinthesky  (at Coagula Curatorial)
Hi L.A. friends! RSVP now at LA@BOMBAYSAPPHIREARTISANSERIES.COM to attend @SapphireGinUSA #ArtisanSeries Regional Finals where an artist — @flutterbyinthesky is hoping it will be her!!! — will be chosen to exhibit at #SCOPEMiamiBeach #21andOver
Happy with this afternoon’s efforts #WIP #flutterbyinthesky #drawing #watercolor #larksparrow (at Culver City Art District)

deafeningslumber asked: voted for you and will continue to do so until november 9th. so glad i found your blog, your have gorgeous work!

Has anyone told you lately that you’re the best? Cause you are! Thank you! xoxo

P.S. If you message me with your ship-to address, I would love to send you a print just for being so awesome!

vegecake asked: Love the bird illustration, and love your blog!

Thank you! That’s great to hear!


#ArtBirds Week Two Round Up: Fantastic Feathers

Thank you to all of our fantastic feather finders for submitting to #ArtBirds “art birdwatching” challenge! There was a flurry of feathers swirling around Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter for week two. This post includes a few of the most fantastic feathers, spotted by you in museums, galleries, and private collections.

The Week Three Theme is Birds and People. Submit with #ArtBirds and check back next week to see for standout sightings.

Round up from americanartmuseum's week 2 #artbirds round up!
Corvus monedula, 2013
Pencil drawing by Susan Rotondo

Artisan Series - Enter For a Chance To Win

Hi Flutterby friends! It would be amazing if you would vote for my drawing! Thanks for your support!

Pandion haliaetus #3, 2014
Pencil drawing by Susan Rotondo
Spizella arborea, 2014
Pencil and watercolor drawing by Susan Rotondo